We often ask our clients what they consider to be the most important thing about selecting a builder to deliver their most valuable asset – their new home.

  • Is it the builders experience and longevity in the industry?

  • Or the level of quality they produce?

  • Their delivery methodology and time frame management?

  • Or their reputation and integrity?


We know that all of the above are essential considerations, and we feel confident we tick every one of these boxes.

But in our experience it is the builders ‘fit’ with you and your architect that is the most important component. Delivering a bespoke home entails a long journey, often encountering unforeseen twists and turns, and the team that fits well together will invariably deliver the best outcome, where expectations are not only met but exceeded.


This journey involves a balanced trilogy between the client, the architect and the builder. And it must be underpinned by a culture of integrity, trust and leadership.

Following is some feedback from our partners.


Andrew Stanic - 


"We have worked with Kinn Construction (formerly Paul King Pty Ltd) since 1995 across a diversity of projects in both the commercial and residential sectors. During this time we have developed a mutual respect for each other’s organisations, processes, work quality and people. We have an honest and open relationship. 

At the end of the day, the most important factor is to understand the clients’ expectations and determine how can we deliver on these together.

Fortunately Kinn, like us, have a big picture view and take pride in the quality of work to ensure each project is the best it can be."


Luigi Rosselli - 


“Kinn Construction (formerly Paul King Pty Ltd) has been building for our clients since the late 80’s, which is a testament to the strength of our relationship. They provide an excellent service that extends to the highest quality in construction detailing, project management, contract admin and programming, always trying to work with the intent of our designs.  

They have been around for a long time and their quality processes have been developed over many years – they’ve really built a bag of knowledge that translates to each project that we don’t find in the new younger builders. 

What makes them different? I would say it is their ethics. Their focus is on satisfying the client. Some builders are trained at University to find ways of adding cost to a lump sum contract, trying to trip over the other parties to their own benefit. Kinn is on the opposite spectrum to that, trying to understand the point of view of the client and resolve issues in a commercially and contractually fair way. With Kinn everything is visible from day one.  

What can I say? They are very professional – they tick all the boxes.”


Damian Hadley- 

"Typically, the jobs where I work with Kinn Construction are the ones that need tender loving care and detail, for people who understand they are going to need a quality product. Scott spends a lot of time during the tender to highlight complications that will occur and that others may not have considered. That honesty will sometimes lose him jobs, but integrity is a core strength for Kinn – they do not ‘go fishing’ for variations.  

They have a very good crew – I haven’t met anyone on site who isn’t good and is not willing to do something for me. They are collaborative and respectful of the engineers and they understand what we do. The team are also always open and receptive to implementing new engineering approaches.

I’ve been in this industry for 25 years and done 5,000 projects and I can honestly say that we always enjoy working with Kinn and we always get a great outcome."


Frances Allen - 


"...Kinn Construction (formerly Paul King Pty Ltd) was invited by our architect Luigi Rosselli to submit a competitive tender for the project. Kinn's price was not the cheapest nor the most expensive, but at our initial meetings we seemed to be on the same wavelength as key team members.  The team also seemed responsive and easy to deal with, which proved to be correct during the build process.

The build quality was excellent. They completed the building on time – in fact almost to the day! They were good at keeping us up to date with information through weekly site meetings, and they were forthcoming about any likely changes to agreed costs, so there were no surprises along the way. Anything that went over was well explained and agreed in advance. 

I have recently recommended Kinn to a friend and I particularly noted to her that their after care package is impressive. They continue to take pride in their work, and they are quick to deal with any defects that need to be rectified.  In short, there were no major dramas, no hitches, no unforeseen costs and the process was easy and seamless."


David & Lyndall - 


"In the interview process the Kinn team was a standout – to the point that when I first met them I already had a preference for them.

Renovations of older places involve a lot of unknowns, and it was their team who were really good problem solvers and were quick to come up with solutions...


...We never felt that they were trying to get more money out of us. They had a very good process around what was included in the initial contract and what were variations and we knew exactly where we were at along the way. They were also extremely flexible and helpful in getting value for money for us...

...I feel like we got really good value for money in this house. We love it and I never think twice about what we spent. We would highly recommend them."


Jane McNeill - 


“The Bronte house was a dream project, not only due to the spectacular site and the licence given to us by the client to design something unique, but because of the teamwork that evolved on site between the client, the builder and myself. It doesn’t often happen that all three parties work so well together, but when it does it makes the project a total pleasure to be involved with, and I believe also results in a better built outcome.

The whole team were excellent to deal with and very professional. The project foreman was amazing,  going above and beyond his job description on many levels. 


Comparing them to other quality builders I’ve worked with, I can’t pinpoint anything negative about them.  I would put them up there for honesty, for being fair and reasonable, for being  organised and professional, and for having very good personal communication skills.”


Sally Paridis - 


"Our architect and friend Vladimir Ivanov recommended Kinn Construction to us. We were looking for a builder who could effectively rebuild our Paddington terrace, whilst we lived in New York. In fact, Vlad was very persuasive in advocating that it would be our good fortune if we were to be able to secure the Kinn team.

I was a bit nervous about being absent during the build, however the team met and even exceeded our expectations. It went really smoothly and importantly, they didn’t take advantage of our absence in any way. They made every effort to keep us informed via a remote meeting room software where they would regularly upload photos, plans, meeting minutes, updates and so forth, which was enormously beneficial to us as expats.

Their foreman was fabulous and their attention to detail was second to none. In our absence they also dealt with some delicate situations with our neighbours, which spared us receiving annoying letters or complaints.

We have already referred them to two friends who are about to embark on a similar building project, and I will continue to recommend Kinn Construction."


Chris & Rebecca - 


"...We chose Kinn Construction not based on price, but due to the feedback we received on their build quality, on-time delivery and service. We did our reference checking with previous clients – who were senior business people – and in each case the feedback was excellent, and best summarised by saying they were a high quality counterparty to deal with. Our subsequent build experience with them was similar and our decision to entrust them with our family home renovation, proved to be a good one.


Our project went fairly smoothly and we are extremely happy with the result - our beautiful new home. There were the inevitable issues and changes that arose during the complex build, but more importantly they managed to work constructively with ourselves and the architect to solve them in an efficient and collaborative manner. We were also impressed by the energy, focus and co-ordination of their whole team in getting the project finished close to the original timeline.


We would definitely use Kinn Construction again and be happy to recommend them to others."


Simon Swaney - 

"I am an architect, now working on large scale projects but previously in my own practice on individual residences, so I am aware of the challenges in both designing and delivering architecturally designed houses.

Kinn Construction (formerly Paul King Pty Ltd) are highly regarded in the residential sector for building bespoke projects with clients who rightly have high expectations of quality and service.

The approach I took for my own house was to provide a comprehensive documentation package, ensure they had a clear understanding of every detail and that they had allowed for all this in their price. At this  point we agreed to a fixed price no variation contract, naturally excluding latent conditions or changes initiated by me.... 

...I find the Company hard to fault. Whilst I am cautious about doing so, I have recommended them to various people, including captains of industry, and all have been extremely pleased with the outcome."


Mathew Kuppe - 


"This was the first house we had built, and it was a significant build, particularly given that we were living in Singapore. We had decided to work with Luigi Rosselli Architects, so we wanted to work with a builder who they had experience working with and considered capable of achieving the high quality required of our project.

Throughout the build we developed a great working relationship with both the architect and the builder. There was a lot of constructive give and take throughout the project between ourselves, the builder and the architect, particularly with respect to time and cost variations. Overall, we felt that our relationship with Kinn was transparent, fair and equitable, and we quickly developed a very strong level of trust that remained throughout the entire project. This trusted working relationship definitely paid off in terms of the quality of the build and the time to deliver the project.

From my perspective, in the end we paid for the experience of building a house without the stress and pain that I am sure so many people go through. We had trust and faith in the people working for us, it ran smoothly and it’s remarkable that we could step away with a really positive feeling and an enjoyable memory of the experience. I don’t think many people could say that.

Would we work with Kinn Construction again? We’ve just bought the property behind us and provided they come back with the right price, I’d rather work with them than anyone else."


Chris & Bianca - 


"The last project we completed together was a large house in Double Bay. It was a very difficult site and complicated construction. The site manager was extraordinary in his ability to communicate with, and coordinate, the multitude of sub-contractors required. He worked very well with us, the consultants, and clients to deliver an exemplary project.

One of Kinn Construction’s (formerly Paul King Pty Ltd) key strengths is their understanding of design. Their ability to understand design intent and proactively assist to resolve construction challenges is invaluable. We know that the success of the final outcome is based on getting the foundations right – literally and figuratively – and they understand that too and invest the time up front to ensure this happens. 

It was a pleasurable project for everyone involved with a great collective energy and effort from everyone involved. Our clients are very happy with their home and have maintained a good relationship with Kinn engaging them subsequently for maintenance works. We were also very happy that it won a Master Builders award."


Vladimir Ivanov - 


"I’ve been working with Kinn Construction (formerly Paul King Pty Ltd) since 1996. It’s a rare thing to find a builder who is as passionate and who cares as much about the building as we do and I am always happy to put them forward for any building project. 


Every project that I have worked on with Kinn has a similar outcome – exceptionally happy clients and expectations surpassed."