Kinn Construction has been building beautifully crafted, unique properties for over 25 years. Being design and construction purists, we work with some of the best architects and designers in Sydney. Our passion is to build projects that have creative integrity – luxurious, bespoke homes and commercial spaces for the discerning client. Ultimately, we want to deliver legacy buildings that stand the test of time.

Paul King Pty Ltd was established by Paul in 1993, and Paul was joined by his niece Abby and her husband Scott in 2008 to help grow the business. The three are in partnership together, each bringing a complimentary skill set to the process.


In 2019 we changed the name of the business from Paul King Pty Ltd to Kinn Construction, a name that represents the kinship the three business partners share and the merging of the King & Inness family names. Our new name speaks of our proud heritage and our future.

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Andrew Stanic - 


"We have worked with Kinn Construction (formerly Paul King Pty Ltd) since 1995 across a diversity of projects in both the commercial and residential sectors. During this time we have developed a mutual respect for each other’s organisations, processes, work quality and people. We have an honest and open relationship. 

At the end of the day, the most important factor is to understand the clients’ expectations and determine how can we deliver on these together.

Fortunately Kinn, like us, have a big picture view and take pride in the quality of work to ensure each project is the best it can be."


Luigi Rosselli - 


"Kinn Construction (formerly Paul King Pty Ltd) has been building for our clients since the late 80’s, which is a testament to the strength of our relationship. They provide an excellent service that extends to the highest quality in construction detailing, project management, contract admin and programming, always trying to work with the intent of our designs...  
...What makes them different? I would say it is their ethics. Their focus is on satisfying the client. Some builders are trained at university to find ways of adding cost to a lump sum contract, trying to trip over the other parties to their own benefit. Kinn is on the opposite spectrum to that, trying to understand the point of view of the client and resolve issues in a commercially and contractually fair way... "


Damian Hadley- 

"Typically, the jobs where I work with Kinn Construction are the ones that need tender loving care and detail, for people who understand they are going to need a quality product. Scott spends a lot of time during the tender to highlight complications that will occur and that others may not have considered. That honesty will sometimes lose him jobs, but integrity is a core strength for Kinn – they do not ‘go fishing’ for variations...

...I’ve been in this industry for 25 years and done 5,000 projects and I can honestly say that we always enjoy working with Kinn and we always get a great outcome."